Argumentative Essay: Pit Bulls Should Be Pets

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Argumentative Essay by: Elizabeth Mayer
Pit Bulls Should Be Pets
Think of a dog, with a strong jaw, sleek short fur, and a little tail. This dog is called a Pitbull and some people say this dog is bad or vicious because it is called a Pitbull, however I believe that pit bulls should be pets because they can be very sweet, they have a bad rep because of the media, and they can be a great addition to the family.
First, there are many pros to having a Pitbull other than the fact that if they grow up in the correct environment, they can be the sweetest dogs ever. There is also the fact that some are heroes, in paragraph 3, source three the text states “in the early 1900s, the pit bull was one of the most popular breeds In America. Pit bulls became a symbol of American pride,” and if that is true than that means pit bulls were admired at one point and speaking of 1900s pit bulls have you ever heard of stubby the pit bull if you haven't than you should, Stubby the pit bull is a dog that warned the army of poison bombs he once saved his whole tropes lives! And still with all that pit bulls still have to compete against the …show more content…

This is also why people hate or are afraid of pit bulls, the media overreacts to pit bulls and in my opinion the media sounds awfully like kids saying, “the pit bull ate my homework while the Labrador helped me do it!”. But if that was not enough making a dog take all the blame the are also banned in over five hundred places. But if you live in a place with pit bulls get one and you can see for yourself that they are also good family

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