Service Dogs Research Paper

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Madison Bumgarner
Mrs. Gallos
English III Honors
22 March 2018
Is Your Service Dog Legally Certified?
Even though many people believe emotional support dogs are considered service dogs and should have the same rights as the others, owners of service dogs are treated unfairly because of the increase in numbers of fake service dogs. This affects the ability for one to use a service dog to its full potential. People cannot be asked to leave a public place if the business thinks it is a fake dog because some service dogs are simply under-trained. The population of those using fake service dogs or emotional support animals are ruining the ability for the disabled to use them without being questioned.
Many are not aware of the problems that using a fake service dog can cause, but those who are disabled understand the issue. This has been a problem for many years, and is only getting worse. Fake service dogs reflect a bad image for the real ones, and “discriminate against or restrict access to disabled persons” (Colman). The recurring problem of these fake service dogs is well known to such a small percentage of the population, it is difficult to create a stable solution that will be effective for a long period of time. …show more content…

The current law states “those entering businesses with animals can be asked just two questions: Is this a service dog? What is it trained to do for you?” (Fake Service Dogs, A Growing). Service dogs are allowed in every place of business. However, emotional support dogs are not and only add to the confusion of which animals are allowed where and many do not understand the difference between the two types of

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