Argumentative Essay On Dog Fighting

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The dog fighting is a bloody activity that happens around the world , including the U.S. In our country, there are lot of activities or issues that lead to the argument throughout the nation. The dog fighting was the culture of our country after the Civil War, but with the cruel and and beastly, this sport becomes illegal and it’s felony over the nation and the territories .The dog fighting effects and harms many ways and many things, especially children, who attends the dog fighting. It also harms the dog fighter, those dogs whose are forced to fight, many dogs were treated badly with the bad conditions of living . The dog fighting is the bloody sport beside other animals fighting, such as cock fighting, it’s also the place for drug gambling, possession and firearm… . The dog was trained in a difficult condition and they have to fight until death or deadly injury. The dogfight is a gambling that brings a lot of money on the profit .The dog fight …show more content…

“The ASPCA is the big organization that working on to stop the dog fighting. It is hard for law to do an investigation because the dog fight is usually secret and violent.An investigation of dog fighting will be required a lot of skills and times , so it’s hard to investigate a dog fight” ( A Closer Look,n.pag) .Attending a dog fight is an illegal activity in 50 states, The dog fighting is felony over 50 states.The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 prohibits the animal fights will be illegal , or the people those are related to these activities.”The Congress passed the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act in 2007 to support strongly against this activity. The crime of dog fighting could lead to 3 years in jail and $250,000 fine”( Gibson,n.pag). The dogfight is secret and violent , it was working underground, not many people know about how does this work, so it’s hard to investigate the

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