K9 Unit Research Paper

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Sara Lynn Rogers
Danna Bacus
Police and Society
November 26th 2016
Iowa K9 Police Unit Do you love dogs? I do. You may think that they are just for being pets but they are more than that. They are pets but they are also service dogs. They can be a service for blind people and a lot more. The one thing that people don’t know is that they are a service to the police departments. When dog are used in the police departments they are considered canines or K9. K9’s are dogs that are well trained to help police officers with finding criminals or different kinds of substances. To become a K9 or a K9 handler takes a lot of work and skills. Some people don’t hear about the K9 unit but is very important to police officers. The mission for the K9 unit is …show more content…

It will require dedication, firm yet gentle control, physical fitness, and you will need the be able to keep up the responsibly with being a police officer along with having a dog. Keeping records of the dog's activities. Working with animals can be every rewording in the field but even more rewarding as a pet. (Canine Unit Training, web)
In the K9 unit the dogs are broken down into different units. There is the Search and Rescue Dogs, which is broken down into the cadaver dogs, trailing dogs, water search dogs. (Canine Unit Training, web)
The cadaver dogs are trained in finding human remains. They can find items big and small. They can even find bodies in water or buried every deep underground. (Canine Unit Training, web)
The trailing dogs are trained to find specific people involved in a case using a scent and a starting point of the suspect. They can trail a person almost anywhere even on roads, in grass, water, and even the woods. (Canine Unit Training, web)
The water search dogs are trained in finding bodies submerged water. They find by scents of gases that come from a body and then float to the surface. They ride on boats with the handler. (Canine Unit Training,

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