Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Dogs are superior pets compared to cats. Dogs don 't have the quote “mans best friend” for no reason. Dogs are better pets in contrast to cats because they are more athletic, they can be taught more tricks, as well they come in many sizes and looks to suite your needs. Dogs are very playful and very enjoyable to have around. Dogs are a way better pet to have around when compared to a cats, they are much more active, they can be taught more things, and there are many breeds for anyone to enjoy. Dogs are more athletic when compared to cats. Dogs can be a pet for more athletic people in contrast to cats. Dogs can be taken out to do more things. Dogs are good for taking out to the park to get some exercise such as jogging, playing fetch, …show more content…

Even though it might be tough to teach a dog a new trick, there are places to help with training a dog. There are not as much places that teach cats tricks. Dogs are very intelligent no matter what breed, they can be taught many things such as roll over, play dead, and sit although there are many more tricks that a dog can learn. They are rewarding pets if you treat them right. Although cats may be playful as far as laser pointers and fake mice, dogs don 't need toys to have fun with because the tricks they can be taught. There are many breeds in the dog family. Every dog breed comes with a unique feature. Whether you like dogs or not there 's a dog that will most likely suit you. There are gargantuan dogs as well as tiny size dogs that might not need as much care compared to the bigger dogs or even a cat. Dogs can have short hair or even really long hair. Cats may have multiple breeds, but they all are relatively the same size or even look alike. In conclusion, dogs are better in contrast to cats. Dogs are more of an athletic pet for athletic people, they can be taught more tricks, and there are multiple breeds to suite your needs or wants for a dog. Dogs are a pet people can enjoy whether it 's to be active with, be playful with, or even just relax. Dogs in general are excellent pets. We are all entitled to our own opinion some may just have a love for cats but there is always a certain dog out there waiting for

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