Personal Narrative By Kyle Hutton

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Personal Narrative by Kyle
The reason i was named Kyle Hutton because Hutton is a Irish name. I was named Kyle because Kyle is also a Irish name. My family is somewhat Irish on both sides of the Family. That is why my name was Kyle. My great Grandma was a descendent from Ireland.

Pets are great to have around they are really fun to have. i have currently two pets A dog and a cat. My Dog name is McQueen he is a teddy bear mix. He is a short black haired dog. He weighs about 25 pounds. I also have a Cat named Whiskers she is a short orange haired cat. She weighs about 9 pounds. I also have a couple of deceased pets. Larry my dog died about 1 month ago. He was a black Lab. I also had a Cat named Henry who died about two months ago.

This is my I am from poem. I am from Cross Plains, Wisconsin, I am from my mom and my dad. I am from from my neighborhood where this is a park and a bunch of neighbors. I am from my house where i grew up. I am from watching football and my favorite sports teams. I am from enjoying time with my family. I am from helping my Neighbors out with walking their dogs. …show more content…

You always want to be a good teammate and be smart but, what it truly this quote means to me is that winning isn't everything. Also, being a good teammate is better than winning and Intelligence wins you games to.This quote is by Michael

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