Pet Monologue

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Now, I 've had my fair share of pets. Everyone 's been there, from that carnival goldfish you won, to the only pet your parents let you have, Rocky your pet rock. Let 's just say I 've had many small animals over the years and I 'd like to share my stories.

Now, before I was born, my grandmother had a cat whom my mother pretty much hated. This cats name was "Stormy." Let 's just say when my mom knew I was going to be born soon, her top priority was to get rid of it. My mom knew that she didn 't want me to be by Stormy, so my grandmother thought that getting rid of it would be best if she wanted me and my mother to go over to her house and be comfortable.

*I don 't know the exact order of the pets I had next, so bare with me. Also, I don 't have much to say about these pets as I don 't remember that much.*

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One was Princess and I think the other one was named Purple. They died within a couple days. SO, that was that. 

Next I BEGGED my mother for a guinea pig. Her name was Smores. I loved her but she loved to talk and play in the middle of the night keeping my mother and I up at night. It just wasn 't a good fit. Luckily some friends of ours wanted a guinea pig and they love him, and have no problem with him squealing at night.

Last year I went to the Dan Jansen festival and won a couple fish. I got a bowl and fish food for them. They were alive for just a couple weeks. I don 't exactly remember there names but it was something really weird like Shaquina La FeFe The Third, or something like that. I had two and Giselle had three, so she gave me one. They were really well behaved for a fish!

My grandmother ended up getting another cat because she knew how much I would miss Salty. She also knew that my mother hates animals in the house and so this was going to be the closest thing to "my own pet." We got this cat when she was a year old, and her name is Marble. (She is now two years and eight months old!)
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