Why Baseball Is Important To Me

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Ever since I could remember sports have ruled my life. When I was a young boy I played football and baseball. I loved playing both of these games tremendously. As I grew older I distanced myself away from football as I wanted to focus solely on baseball. Although I stopped playing football in the sixth grade, it taught me many things I will never forget. I have now played baseball up to my twelfth grade year in high school and all four years of my high school career I have started for the varsity team. Baseball is my passion. Baseball is the fuel to my fire. It has taught me countless things including determination, respect, and teamwork. These skills I have learned won’t just benefit me on the baseball diamond, but it will help me through every aspect of life. First, baseball is a game of failure. To be considered a good hitter you usually have a batting average of three hundred. What this means is …show more content…

In order to be successful I had to learn to respect my coaches and teammates. It is important to learn how to respect your coach because he takes his time to help you improve your game by giving you pointer on what you’re doing wrong. I learned to respect my teammates also. Whether I was in a battle for my position or just in a simple race, I always had someone pushing me every step of the way to get better. Respect directly correlates from the game of baseball to the workforce. Just like I had to respect my coaches and teammates I am also going to have to respect my boss and fellow employees. Last, teamwork could quite possibly be the greatest thing I have learned through sports. In fear of letting my team down, I gained an exceptional sense of responsibility. I knew I could not win games single-handedly, but I was assured that my efforts made a difference. “Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader had a big dream and a bad team.” -John C.

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