Toughness In Baseball

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While baseball may not be the most physical or physically demanding sport, it is the toughest sport to play. Different from football and other physical sports, baseball requires players to be fit, both physically, and mentally. In order to be successful, you must have mental toughness, plays might not always go your way, so you have to learn how to handle failure. Baseball requires a significant amount of ‘Baseball IQ’, a ton of hand-eye coordination, and some flexibility.
Baseball isn’t always about size; a lot of the game is flexibility. Most people think that the bigger the batter is, the more likely he may be to hit the long ball. While this typically proves to be true, smaller hitters also have the power to hit a ball out of the ballpark. …show more content…

Once you learn how to deal with failure, you will succeed. In 2016 alone, there were just 13 players to hit above .300. This year, the named MVP, Kris Bryant, hit .292 ranking 19th for all big league players. Hitting .300 means that a player gets a hit every three out of ten times while failing the other seven times. A man named Fred Gallo once said, “Baseball is a game of failure.” Any batter who succeeds every three out of ten times in their career will more than likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame after their career is all said and done.
In the past, baseball was a game of speed and batting average. In today’s world, baseball is a game of power. Striking out more than 100 times 30 years ago was a sin, but today, striking out 100 times is the norm. MVP, Kris Bryant, struck out a total of 154 times in only 155 games played, which is 9th among all MLB players. One of the main reasons Bryant won the MVP award is because he hit 39 homeruns. His 39 homeruns ranked second in the National League behind Milwaukee’s Chris Carter with 41.
Different from other sports, baseball requires that one must be able to do everything, and do it efficiently. The five tools are: hitting for average, hitting for power, speed, fielding, and throwing. In basketball, someone may only be good at layups, and not three-pointers. Football players only have to work on the position that they play also. All-in-all, baseball is the most difficult

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