Euthanize Dogs Persuasive Essay

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Should the State Euthanize Dogs for Biting Dogs that bite people are getting euthanized. Sure they shouldn’t be given to children if they are snapping at people, but think about the innocent lives taken away. Dogs who were saints, whom might have accidently bitten someone thinking that person might be hurting someone, are being taken away to be killed, leaving children devastated. There is an issue, stating whether the state should euthanize dogs for hurting people. It is not right to euthanize dogs because it is unfair due to equal rights, it is cruel to kill animals, and there are possibly better ways to treat dogs who bite people. Killing dogs for biting is considered an unfair punishment, and they should have the same rights as humans. …show more content…

Violence is never the answer to everything. Consequently, violence will just cause the situations to worsen. A dog lives with a family for a long time. If a dog gets taken away, it is the same as losing another family member. This solution to dealing with biting dogs usually ends up with a devastated family. There is usually a better way to treat vicious dogs. Although, If dogs who have bitten people in the past, they are more likely to get worse if adopted by another family. But, they should at least have a place for them, just as long they are away from harming people. They don’t deserve to die. Lastly, they are just innocent dogs. Usually, if a dog bites, it is an act of self-defence, or the dog had a rough life. If they had been through a terrible lifestyle, they should be given care and make the dog feel safe again. Dogs should be treated differently with care and not violence. Dogs don't deserve to die just because they have snapped at someone. The wound may not even have been severe, but they usually still kill them. Nevertheless, it is still cruel and unfair to kill dogs for biting. Perhaps they could be treated differently. Those of you may say dogs will continue to hurt people if adopted by another family and will get worse. Besides, violence is never the answer to everything, so if you have a dog that won’t stop

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