Four Building Blocks Of Competitive Advantage

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The four building blocks of competitive advantage can be used to help a company become more profitable and stay ahead of their competition. The four factors are superior efficiency, quality, innovation, customer responsiveness. All four building blocks are important to any company. However, I believe that customer responsiveness is the most important because having loyal and happy customers can make or break any company. The four building blocks can help companies grow and become the leader in their industry over their rivals. First, superior efficiency deals with the ability to use fewer inputs to produce a particular output. This building block can be broken down into two parts: employee productivity and capital productivity. Employee …show more content…

This deals with a customers’ perception that a product or service they are buying provides them with a higher value than a competitor. Superior quality can be broken down into two kinds of attributes: quality as excellence and quality as reliability. A customers’ perspective of quality as excellence would be that they want a product or service that provides features and a level of service that has no comparison. With regard to quality as excellence, if customers perceive that the products design, features, and functions are better than everyone else, then they would be more likely to buy their product. Higher quality products allow for a higher sense of value provided to the customer. Then, companies can charge a higher price because of that. Whereas, from the quality as reliability perspective, customers want a product that performs as it was intended and can last. The product or service has to appeal to the customer and make them want your product over another. Companies will be more profitable because their products are more reliable, then they will have less defected products. In return, less time and money are spent fixing those mistakes. When the value a customer receives from a product is greater than that of another then they are more inclined to stick with that …show more content…

Superior quality and innovation are important to achieving superior customer responsiveness. The ability to satisfy the needs of your customers will allow for your company to stay ahead of your rivals. Customers will be more likely to choose a company if they feel like their voice or opinion is being heard. Another part of this building block is the customer response time. Customers want their products quickly, so ability to deliver the product or service at a quicker rate is important. Customers will be a loyal customer if their opinions and needs are met by a company. I believe this is the most important building block. I have worked as a manager of a retail card and gift store in Wantagh for the past five years. Throughout my five years, I take great pride in the customers that shop with us. If there is something that I can do to help my customers or order them a certain product, I don’t hesitate. Sometimes you can’t help them 100% of the time, but the effort they see you put in will mean more to them. Customer service is my first priority because customers that are loyal to us and will tell their friends or family about

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