Five Forces Auto Insurance Industry

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3. Threat of new entrants High barriers to entry in the industry. Licensing requirements are high. There is a minimum size requirement to achieve profitability and the initial investment is required and fixed costs of operating. How much of the control is in the hands of existing players of the market or key resources? The switching costs are high, so customers would somewhat drawback with fear from moving to a new firm leaving the reliable one. This is a heavily regulated industry. 4. Threat of substitutes Low threat of the substitutes as it is determined by the three factors in the industry which are brand loyalty of the customers, switching costs and the belief in effectiveness of new products/ services. Customers are brand loyal in this…show more content…
The adoption of new technologies and trends is being facilitated in the industry for the competition and the customer’s overall experience. Many suppliers that are having similar strategies face a strong competition. The barriers for exiting the markets are high. Products and services of are undifferentiated leading the customer to focus on the prices offered. Low market growth, so it can be increased only by taking another firm’s market share. This leads to a conclusion of Strong Competition in the Auto Insurance Industry. 2.2 PESTLE ANALYSIS Political Factors Currently there are no as such political issues relating to the auto insurance industry, but in the future if government plans to impose any law regarding to auto insurance like it did before stating that every driver is supposed to purchase car insurance. However, this increased the car insurance sales, benefitting GEICO so wouldn’t be considered as an issue. Economic Factors If the economy is flourishing, it tends to increase the purchasing power of the individuals and it is likely that customers will be purchasing new, perhaps more expensive cars on a regular basis. Hence, the premiums and payments would increase. So when the economy is thriving, customers are likely to have more of disposable income which they are willing to spend on the leisure activities…show more content…
GEICO has actually capitalized on the trend with the launch of its mobile application which enhances the consumer experience with company. In addition to the visual trend, company has identified that consumers want information instantaneously and has simplified the process by which consumers can request the estimation of cost of the policy online. Technological Factors With GEICO’s mobile app, consumers can manage their policies by paying bills, viewing coverage, updating claims and chatting with Lily, the voice assistant that helps in the insurance needs. GEICO has an additional feature which is interactive accident guide that accesses digital ID card, collects the information about the accident like place, take photos and allows the customer to call a GEICO representative to report the

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