Willenhall E-Act Academy Case Study

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In this report I will be talking about the factors that impact willenhall e-act academy also the advantages for Willenhall E-Act academy. Productivity gains Product gains are the network profits that the business makes by working harder in the budget that they were given. The benefits for this can be that the revenue of the business will increase and the business will have a bigger profit margin they will also have a high customer satisfaction rate. By Willenhall e-act academy having a new website it will make it easier for people to use. Then they will be able to get more year 6`s into the school which means that the school will become more productive and also on the new website they could email parents of the students of what is happening…show more content…
Efficiency is used in superstores form a day to day basis when paying because most stores have a self-checkout service which makes it faster and saves the store money. This will help the school because when the students are paying for their dinner there is a big queue by adding more places in the school were they can get their food from so there won’t big queues to get food and some not getting there food and staying hungry all day. Another way they could be more efficient could be to have better computers because by having out-dated computers they will not have some of the new updates on there and will make the computer slow to work with. But by having the new ones it will be faster and have a bigger hard drive Improved Management Information When organisations improve their management information system it has a big impact on the business. The impact on the business is a benefit because it allows organisations to have accurate information. A benefit that Willenhall E-Act academy that will get from improving their management information. There will be more information available because there is a lot of data is being stored. When willenhall improve their management information system it allows information and data to be available to anyone who needs it. Improved Customer
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