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This module and coursework requirements were directed to present some crucial and effective experience for me. During the entire course, I had learnt a number of different learning, which can be proved quite helpful for me to build a successful and attractive career ahead. I can present the significance of the coursework activities done in terms of my learning from this subject. The reflection of the coursework learning can be presented as below: Problems faced during the research work: Although I have been able to finish my coursework requirements within the time frame. But I had to face a number of different issues and problems related to the process of this research. The first and foremost problem for me was related to effective management of time in the completion of various activities related to the context. At the beginning stages of the project, I allotted with certain time period and schedule for accomplishment of the work. I started the project with mentionable zeal and enthusiasm. Due to this reason, I took a significant amount of time in the completion of initial part of the work. This condition led me towards problem related with shortage of time at the time of submission of the project. On other hand, I also faced some critical issues related with understanding and interpreting the subject and research context. Prior to the project, I used to possess only elementary knowledge of Management Information System and its implication in real life scenario. In

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