Personal Reflection: My Work Experience

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- idea and see which one is the one that would work better, trying to be unique. • Self-management competencies - Flexibility: I normally adapt myself to every single situation, I very open mind which make me be flexible. When I change from MetroPcs to Chase was a big chance and a lot of new changes for me, I adapt myself very quickly to the new changes. - Self-control: I always keep my emotions under control, working with customer sometimes can be very hard, I learn with time not to take their comments personal, so always try to keep my emotions under control even in difficult moments and stressful situation, always trying to be as calm as I can to solve the problem. - Enthusiasm: I always try to be happy, be positive, see the bright side. Always with an energetic attitude. Dealing with customers all the time being enthusiastic is very important, to make feel the customer comfortable and giving them a positive attitude will help depending on the problem that they have. - Stress tolerance: working at the bank is a lot of pressure, I considered that I always try to maintain stable work performance, under stressful situation always trying to be positive, to be tolerant to my work environment. 2) StrengthsFinder 2.0 Taking the strengths finder test, I was curious to know more about my strengths and to see if those strengths that I …show more content…

Relator: StrengthsFinder 2.0 describe relator as “people who are especially talented in the relator theme enjoy close relationship with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve goals.” I can see myself being consider a relator, I like to have close relationship with my friends and coworkers, I think that by having great relationship our task at work will fluid in a better and professional way. I like to achieve my goals and seen my friends being successful. Hard work always brings good things in the personal and working environment, I like to be successful and for this hard work is the

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