Chern's Staffing Strategy Case Study

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To assist with the consultation process, we will develop a formal talent philosophy, Human Resources strategy, and a specific staffing strategy. Chern’s talent philosophy describes how employees should be treated and the expectations employees will be held to. Your talent philosophy is that employees are expected to provide top level knowledge and customer service, while attaining sales quotas. Failure to meet quota for four consecutive months will lead to a warning and an additional month of not meeting quota will result in termination. To encourage leadership behavior, employees are encouraged to meet quotas independently as a reflection of employee and departmental freedom. Employees that meet quotas and perform well are rewarded with bonuses based on customer service and sales, in addition to advancement within the company. These procedures and guidelines reinforce the idea that your company desires quality employees that are willing to improve the company and themselves. After a talent philosophy has been developed, a Human Resources strategy must be developed. A Human Resources strategy links the company’s business strategy and goals with the functions of Human Resources. Chern’s Human Resources strategy fits the following description: Human Resources desires to …show more content…

As a business owner, a proactive strategy can help anticipate staffing issues and employee training. A reactive strategy has less time devoted to planning and is more cost effective to a company. Proactive staffing is tied to talent oriented staffing, where talent is scarce and several companies compete for a small group of applicants, a company must constantly seek new talent and new employees. With the current market being highly competitive, a proactive approach would be the right choice for

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