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GREAT HANDS STAFFING MISSION STATEMENT “Our mission at Great Hands Staffing is to provide exceptional healthcare staffing solutions that enable healthcare organizations to deliver high-quality patient care. We are committed to matching highly skilled and compassionate candidates (CNAs, LPNs, RNs) with our esteemed clients (Long term care, Assisted Living, and Nursing homes) to build long-lasting relationships by delivering personalized, reliable, and efficient services. We strive to be a trusted partner by continuously improving our recruitment and placement processes to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and candidates, and to contribute to the overall betterment of healthcare outcomes and make a positive impact on the communities …show more content…

EMPATHY We understand the importance of healthcare in people’s lives and the impact of the right healthcare staffing on patients’ well-being. Therefore, we empathize with our clients’ and candidates’ needs and strive to provide compassionate and supportive services. QUALITY We are committed to delivering high-quality staffing solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and contribute to the overall improvements of healthcare. COLLABORATION We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration to achieve our goals. Therefore, we work closely with our clients and candidates, listen to their needs, and feedback, and leverage our collective expertise to provide tailored and effective staffing solutions. INNOVATION We are continuously exploring new ways to improve our recruitment and placement processes, enhance our technology and data-driven approach, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION We embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment that values and respects all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We believe that diversities enhance our creativity, innovation, and ability to serve our clients and candidates

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