Examples Of Root Causes

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Root Causes (Brittney) When trying to discover the root causes to any problem, it may jump out to you right away, or it may require in-depth research as to why these problems are occurring. Most core issues organizations experience are usually about the same in general workplaces. Some of the main problems within Royal Farms store #142 in Milford, DE is work safety, work ethics and communication. The number one issue that was stated in the interview with the store leader, Deana, was safety. New employees are required to complete what they call, “RTO’s”, which is training online and train in the deli and cashier for about 2 weeks. In these RTO’s there is a combination of safety in the workplace, theft, credit and cash transactions, proper…show more content…
There is a variety of this throughout the work place. Some employees work very hard, while the other employees don’t care at all and are just there to get paid. This issue can have several root causes such as management, lack of job satisfaction, and even job enrichment. Management can play a role with lack of work ethics due to no leadership or enforcement in the environment. You may not be doing your duties everyday as an employee, and if it is ignored by the management then how will the employee improve? Finding good management is hard to come by and Royal Farms constantly struggles with this. A lot of the low work ethic has to do with job satisfaction as well. The employee can see other employees slacking off which has an effect on them by lowering their standards of how they pursue their work. In this particular organization, you are either cashier or deli associate. There is a book each department is supposed fill out before the end of their shift, but the book most definitely goes without being touched. This follows with the management not enforcing them to fill out the book of the duties that were completed on their shift before they leave. If some employees are getting away with certain things, while other employees are told they are doing wrong, the motivation will drop. This is human nature to feel this way and if fairness within the workforce was taken into action then this…show more content…
The lack of communication can put the workplace in trouble. The reason why communication is a problem may consist of many different personalities and level of skills. Not everyone is the same and knows how to work as a team to get the tasks complete for their shift. Although working as a team will help make the workplace very effective, this is not being done at this Royal Farms. Deana stated that the personality conflicts and personal bias causes the communication to come to a halt. Having a diverse organization may very well look good on the outside, but it takes time and effort to be able to connect with different types of people. This also comes from the motivation from the employees to even try to make the effort to
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