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The competitive advantage of the College Football Hall of Fame has the potential to be very strong. What makes the CFHOF hard to duplicate is that it offers a hands-on, personalized, customer experience that is driven by technology. The CFHOF also has an ideal sized facility, which allows for the technology-driven attraction to get a good value for the cost of operations. An attraction that is too big might find it too expensive to depend so heavily on similar technology, while a facility too small might view the cost to be too expensive to depend so heavily on technology, in addition to the fact that the hospitality/entertainment attractions rely on the unpredictable human factor to generate revenue.
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Using analytics in operations was a point much more strongly highlighted at the College Football Hall of Fame, than any other area of the company. However, there was not much data that could be used because it was a brand new analytical project, the first year was a test run. We relied on data from neighboring attractions as a benchmark to gauge the expectation of demand coming into the building. After that first year, the CFHOF was more efficient in the way they staffed employees, they were able to maximize productivity and reduce overspending on salary pay. Unfortunately, there were slow days when there wasn 't much traffic coming through the facilities so front line employees had their working hours reduced in an effort to reduce costs. There are two takeaways from this situation, the first one being that the College Football Hall of Fame is a company competing in the hospitality industry, which means you are dealing with the unpredictability of consumer demand. The second takeaway from this situation is that the longer the CFHOF continues to record data of the traffic coming in and out of the building, the better they will get at understanding and predicting the trends of customer demand, for the purpose of properly staffing, and avoiding wasteful …show more content…

Human resources are arguably, the most important aspect of any business, and nobody understands that better than the sports industry. Many companies often overlook the importance of their employees, but the ones that have figured it out like Google, Boston Consulting Group and SAS, who continuously rate among the top for Fortune Magazine 's: 100 best companies to work for, see a positive correlation in company performance because they understand that happy employees equal satisfied customers and lead to more revenue for the company. Unfortunately, the College Football Hall of Fame fell in the majority of companies that don 't stress the importance of human resources. If given a grade for how human resources were handled at The College Football Hall of Fame, it would get a "C." There were components that were well organized, such as the recruiting and payroll strategy, but other areas such as scheduling and performance evaluation that were organized poorly. One of the smart, strategic moves the College Football Hall of Fame made was to target and recruit recent college graduates in the sports related majors, current college students and seasoned hospitality/service industry workers, which gave the company a good mixture of youth and experience. A way they could improve this processes is to implement a tracking system that would allow them to understand how applicants were learning about job openings, who the best employees were based on a scorecard created specifically for the

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