Disadvantages Of Human Resource Practices At Tesco

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Flexible working hours helps guarantee the assigned work to be completed somehow. The employee can work extra hours to compensate for being unable to contribute to working full time on a particular day. This helps hike performance. Advantages and Disadvantages of Human Resource Practices. At Tesco these are some of the positive steps followed by the human resource department that promote employee performance and labor outcome: • Reviews are taken in the month of May, August and November that helps the human resource department determine whether or not new staff are required. This process permits Tesco ample amount of time and resilience all year round. Thus aiding in effectiveness of Tesco’s objectives and meeting of staff demands. • Tesco…show more content…
Written discourse evaluation This method involves essay writing, where the employee is asked to write out a particularized essay on his/her strengths, weaknesses, etc. This method helps in self-actualization of the individual. It however can also be manipulated by the employee to set a good image to the employer. For the annual appraisal scheme, employees execute identification of roles that they prefer to flourish in with Tesco. The manager then addresses them on the skills required for those particular job positions and the training time period which gives the employee an idea of what their upgrade requires and mentally prepares them. This scheme is what helps Tesco achieve their organization aims and assists the employees to gain character and career objectives. However, just like any other topic of discussion carrying out the human resource practices mentioned also has its drawbacks. If not properly implemented, the human resource department and its practices can be a misuse of time and financial resources. For example, if the training conducted does not help improve employee skills then the time and effort put into the training for both the trainer and employee would be wasted. It would be better for the staff to direct their efficiency and target that time to work on the financial benefit of the firm (Price, 2007; Dessler,…show more content…
Hence the company’s best option would be to hire an attorney and place him/her on retainer so that it is possible to review the HR documents of the company regularly and be aware of the condition of the organization. Personally, I think the Human resource department these days does focus on other crucial matters within recruitment and selection process and is not solely focused on legal issues. (Ben, 2013) proved that the Human resource department fixates on other priorities with an organization other than just Legislative priorities by conducting a survey and devising a graph with the results depicted below. TASK 2 External Factors affecting HRM. Just like every organization has its own set of internal factors that affects its business, every organization also has external factors that affect the business. These factors are also used as a tool to determine the company’s current state before carrying out any implementations or making new decisions. These factors

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