Ethical, Legal, And Regulatory In The Workplace Research Paper

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Vanessa Best
October 9, 2015
Legal, Safety, and Regulatory in the Workplace

Regulations, Legal, and Safety within Human Resource Management
Human Resource management, Legal, Regulations, and Safety

"Common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation." In my opinion I think I would have to disagree because not all companies and organizations aren’t like that. But, at the same time the quote focuses on how people in companies feel there isn’t any form of compassion and common sense awareness applied to the work environment. Now, it’s all about what they and you can do to make sure the organization or the company doesn’t get sued or lose money from an employee mistake or human resource …show more content…

There are necessary for corporations and business to be able to withstand obstacles and barriers. Human resource departments have to manage and control employees from 10s-1000s of personnel on the daily basis and have to operate the most efficient levels of success. Strategic goals and operational goals become necessary to make sure all of the hundreds of legal and safety laws and policies are being complied to. One of the main goals of human resource departments is to make sure the employee welfare is healthy and to avoid legal problems in the near future. There are a lot of federal and state policy holders and compliance organizations out there that affect healthcare. U.S. Labor department is one, two is U.S. equal employment opportunity commissioning board, The American Disability Act of 1990, and the Department of Security. The U.S. Labor Department mission statement is to promote, stabilize, and prepare an encouraging environment for everyone that is earning wages, for those retiring, and for those seeking employment. Their policies and regulations primarily look at creating a foundation that will improve, condition, and push for the best efforts for compliance. They prepare to push for profitable, to ensure rights, and benefits are parallel with that specific employment. Fair labor …show more content…

It states that there won’t be any non-qualified person that should never be discriminated against in the process of job application, hiring, advancement, firing, job knowledge training, equivalent compensation, by any state, federal, government, private, and all labor unions, who felt that they shouldn’t or should be considered unequal or beneath because of their disabilities. This specific applies to human resource employees and have to abide by and prevent any obstacles from preventing qualified disable people from equal employment rights compared to those without disabilities. The Department of Homeland security demands that all employees to protect from external and internal security risk factors that may or can put the company into danger situations. Because of the higher than normal levels of workplace violence and hostile environments, security vulnerability has increased in some organizations that wasn’t abiding by policies and was unprotected. They require HR managers to make sure that they aren’t taking shortcuts in security policies and security is being controlled internally and

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