Atha Corporation Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
Here at the Atha Corporation, our main objective goals for the upcoming fiscal year are too; double our sales and increase our consumer market, increase employee productivity among our current employees, and to hire several new employees for each department to add to the sales and productivity for the coming year. The Atha Corporation has secured financial backing from a venture capital firm that will be allocated appropriately amongst each department to aid in the efforts of our future sales goals. Our management team is imperative to the implementation of all new ideas. All department managers are working together in conjunction with the Human Resources Department to ensure the proper management, performance, and moral amongst …show more content…

All department managers are required to attend bi-weekly training sessions so that they are equipped to then train the staff in their department on new policies, quality control, and work requirements. The new training models have been designed to increase knowledge as well as job satisfaction. We want our current employees as well as all new hires to stay with our company and receive on the job training to enhance their skill as well as add skilled workers to our workforce. Our Sales and Marketing Department will be working hand and hand with our Human Resources Department. Our evolved sales plan includes the hiring of seven additional employees rounding out the total number of Sales and Marketing employees to nineteen. Two additional Field Sales Representatives will be hired as we extend our outside sales regions, and one Inside Sales Representative will be hired to round out our in house sales team and help handle the additional work that comes with a larger sales region. One additional Customer Service Representative will be hired to help handle the increase in customer calls due to the influx of new customers, and calls from existing customers. One Marketing and Sales Strategist will be hired to help create, develop, and implement new ideas, and procedures for the sales team as well as for the …show more content…

We believe our purpose statement will help motivate our employees and help to provide trust amongst our employees as the statement informs them that we are committed to their safety and wellbeing. Strategic changes must be implemented to ensure that the Human Resources Department does its part to ensure that the company’s goal of doubling sales in the next fiscal year is reached. In order to fulfill The Atha Corporation’s restructuring needs the human resources functional area goal is to: hire and train employees, reconfigure company policies, and distribute new job responsibilities. Implementing new human resource policies and practices will allow new and old employees to show understanding of the department 's vision, mission, values; and a strong commitment to our company (Guide, 1996). The consolidation and reorganization of the Human Resources department is sure to display The Atha Corporation’s greatest asset: human capital. It is also our goal to structure the Human Resource Department to serve as a model to all other departments within the organization to follow proper chain of command within the department. We have created an organizational chart that clearly shows the chain of command of the Human Resource Department as well as provides a brief idea of what each individual within

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