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Project Proposal Kevin Tucker CMGT 410 November 16, 2014 DAVID CARRIER University of Phoenix Tucker Rage, Inc. To: Management, all corporate team members and employees of all departments From: Kevin Tucker CC: Managers of all branch location Date: 11/16/2014 Re: New Companywide Compliance System and Policies Comments: Due to the nature of a Growing company, a new corporation-wide compliance system is needed for Tucker Rage, Inc. as an extension to the new conformity system, new compliance policies will be introduced. All managers will be required to train properly, as well as ensure their underlings perform properly. The training will be coordinated and undertaken as part of the Blackfoot project. Project Stakeholders The Blackfoot project affects a lot of individuals directly and indirectly. The main participants will be all managers at all branches, supervisors are affected precisely since they will be attending the training sessions. Those not be immediately affected by Blackfoot are all the employees at the branch locations across the company. All training receive by managers will be …show more content…

Maintaining staff training schedules weekly and monthly and maintaining the quality of work needed that service levels will be reached as defined. Performing checks among those areas involved weekly will ensure that service levels are being met, and the compliance system is being maintained with the proper training. It should be done monthly for the corporate offices and employees. It will be imperative that all legal, contractual and regulatory goals are met by the employees involved in the new compliance system and policies. If all people involved do not attend training sessions then, it will greatly impact the measurable organizational value of the overall

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