Unit 4 Health And Social Care Essay

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On 22nd of the October we assessed the other group members and found the following outcomes, which include a lot of improvements in Knowledge, skills and abilities. The different outcomes of the tasks are as follows: • HUYEN- Bottle feeding For assessing this group member we gave her the task to perform was “Bottle feeding”. She arranged well all the steps to complete the task. Picking up and holding baby was good and the personal emotions were also involved for being gentle and patience while treating the baby. She explained the procedure for checking the temperature of milk while feeding the baby. And also the head of baby was higher than the shoulder which is good to prevent chocking. Although this member performed all steps good but she ignored basic needs such as she didn’t washed hand before handling the baby and she was holding the bottle tilt lower than 45-degree which can result getting air into the bottle. • …show more content…

This group member was a bit confused and didn’t follow the steps arrangement. He sometime forgot to support the baby’s head and holding the baby gently and softly. He didn’t pay the attention to the hygiene and started nappy changing on the cloths instead of changing sheet. He also putted the dirty nappy near to baby instead of keeping it away from baby. • SAMEER – Baby Bathing The task given to this group member for assessing him was “baby bath”. We found that he also had the same problems with handling and picking of baby as Ankit and was sometimes too rude. He didn’t paid attention to hygiene and the more important he ignored to describe the checking of water’s temperature for baby bathing. He mixed the steps for bathing and not described the level of water in the tub. How can we improve the training? For training to be operative, it can't stand on its own, but should be part of an overall development strategy that results in creating an infrastructure of

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