Fraser Foods Case Study

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Terms of Reference I am a HNC business student. I am writing this report as part of my course. This assessment covers outcome 4 of the Managing People and Organizations' class. Unit F84T 34 Procedure In order to construct this report, I read the case study and highlighted information that I thought was relevant to this report. I answered the questions I was given ensuring that I added all of the necessary information. Findings Current Structure The current organizational structure for Fraser Foods is functional. This means that similar tasks are grouped into departments, for example, the production department will deal with all activities relating to making the product while the HR department will deal with all employee training…show more content…
This structure will still remain mainly functional but with a more flexible and adaptable system that will allow the company to focus on a project as well as the day to day running of the business. The company is expanding, they have added two new directors to the company’s structure to support this expansion. Kathryn Hannah will be promoted to Director of Organizational Development. Kathryn will be responsible for the change process and she will continue to run the HR department but will take the burden of directive control away from Laura Bolton, leaving Laura to focus on the purchasing department. Sidra Aktar will be joining the company as the new Marketing Director. She will be responsible for Marketing and Sales. She will be taking over control of the Product Development department from Robin allowing him to spend his time on the Production department and freeing him up for when he takes over from David when he retires. The company will be adding a new ‘Frasers Cook School’, this will be a separate project but will also be one of Sidra’s responsibilities. Peter Armstrong will be promoted from the Product Development team to lead this new project. Other chefs from the Product Development department with be involved in the cook school where they will run cookery classes in a new kitchen. The new structure is more complex, with some employees helping in…show more content…
Line relationships are ones that follow the traditional chain of command, for example, Laura Bolton is the Finance Director, she oversees the Purchasing department, therefore the Purchasing Manager and Laura have a line relationship because she is that managers boss. A staff relationship is something that occurs between employees that have different jobs within the organization, for example, the administrative assistants do a completely different job from the health, safety and wellbeing officer but they will still have some form of relationship and may even need each other’s advice from time to time. A lateral relationship is between two people who work at the same level, Sidra and Robin have a lateral relationship because they are both Directors in the company. Staff members with a lateral relationship may discuss issues and new ideas with each other, this would benefit Sidra because she can work closely with Robin who will give her advice on the Product Development team that she has just taken over from him. He could also use his experience and knowledge of employees to give her advice and ideas about the new cook school. A functional relationship is someone who isn’t a full-time employee at the company but does support it. David is the managing Director if the company but doesn’t spend much time in the factory, instead he liaises with customers and suppliers on the golf course,
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