Case Study: Human Resource Planning, Staffing, And Selection

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SP18 MGMT3341.02/03 - Human Resource Planning, Staffing, & Selection
Team #6 - Heather Fralish, Craig Gil, Emerald Kormah, Jennifer Restivo, Bianca Tolentino

Team Exercise: Chapter 2, Case Study (page 44-45)
Integrating McDonald’s Business, Human Resource, and Staffing Strategies This week, we were asked to take a closer look into the business of McDonald’s and to discuss the importance of people to the organization. As we all know, all businesses thrive on one main person: their consumers. Without them, no business could be successful! But in order for the consumers to be happy, a business thus begins with another person: their workers. During this case study, we were asked to answer three (3) questions. First, we were to describe McDonald’s …show more content…

They pride their business model on providing “quality, cleanliness, quick service and value.” (Phillips, 2015 p. 44). They are committed to hiring the correct associates, which of whom are trainable and willing to deliver exceptional service to consumers. They are focused on hiring employees who are teenagers, in hopes that this may be their first job. Reasoning behind this are because it may make it easier to train them and grow them. Expectations are that these hires could move up the chain to higher positions with internal talent management (Phillips, 2015 p. …show more content…

McDonald’s has aligned its strategies in business, human resources, and staffing by putting people first, and making all people their most important asset. They offer competitive pay and benefits, in addition to rewards and recognition, to their employees. McDonald’s offers quality products and value to their customers from the workers they offer benefits to. Employees tend to reflect how they feel about their job to their services of the consumers. Thus, happy employees tend to lead to happy consumers. They also have acquired a human capital advantage by hiring and retaining quality talent. McDonald’s seems to be committed to proactive staffing because they are constantly training and looking within their organization to fill desired positions. By hiring from within, offering continuous training, and excellent customer service, McDonald’s has become a leader in the restaurant industry and demonstrates a sustained growth. Question 3 - What are some of the possible talent-related threats that could eat away at McDonald’s competitive advantage? Would higher turnover or a tight labor market in which is it difficult to find talented people be a problem? What would you recommend the company do to maintain its competitive advantage over the next five

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