The Importance Of Communication In A Team

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Group: A group is a collection of people or individuals who coordinate their individual efforts. They could be working independently but at some juncture their efforts are coordinated.

Team: Team: A team is a group of people who share common goals and challenges and they work harmoniously to achieve their set goals. They are bonded mutually to the goals and challenges and eventually they assume collective accountability (The Business Journals, 2013). The difference therefore is that a team shares mutually goals and objectives but a group may not necessarily share those values and work jointly.

AC.1.2 Describe how a group becomes a team (12 marks)
From the above explanations, a group transforms into a team when goals set by individuals
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There are options and talents are available to choose from for executing various duties.

2 Learning Outcome 2: Understand the importance of communication within a team
AC.2.1 Explain why it is important for people working in teams to be able to communicate with each other (12 marks)
It is always very pertinent for the people working in teams to promote healthy communication amongst themselves. This would facilitate feedback that allows the leaders to make decisions faster. Communication in groups enables members to maintain strong attitudes for the completion of the tasks due to interpersonal motivation that takes place. The peer pressure and desire to be successful like ‘one’s colleague’ instills hard work and translates into positive results (Business Journal, 2013). Communication makes easier to solve problems and remain on course for the achievements of the set organizational goals.

AC.2.2 Give examples of barriers to communication that may prevent a team from working effectively (12 marks)
For Root III(2014), communication breakdown in a team can be attributed to various occurrences such as language barrier amongst the members, personal issues like attitude problems, lack of feedback and newer employees that may have problem adapting to the new work places. (Root III,
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The member can always remain tolerant and open doors for compromise if situations call for that for the compactness of the group.

Learning Outcome 4: Review own performance as a team member
AC.4.1 Identify own strengths and weakness as a team member (8 marks)
My own strengths as a team member are based on good communication skills that easily stimulate instant feedback, tolerance and ability to negotiate for a decision with members. The only weakness I have is being impatient. Impatience has derailed my work plans with some groups. Intimidation is another problem because I always want to be the best.
AC.4.2 Identify ways to improve own ability to function effectively in a team (8 marks)
An individual may use various gambits to become a very effective team player. This can be through using one’s strengths and Belbin’s model denotes that a person can decide to be a shaper who challenges the team to improve, implementer who gets things done or coordinators who work on team leader role to get things done (Mind Tools, 2014). These ways can help one improve as a team
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