Definition Essay On Teamwork

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The dictionary definition of teamwork is: 'the process of working collaboratively with a group of people to achieve a common goal. ' Our world runs largely on interdependence. Companies today know that effective products or services need multiple skills to be created and therefore better solutions, services, or products depend on better teamwork. More and more organizations nowadays assess teamwork skills before recruitment, yet our education has very rarely helped us to develop teamwork skills. Groups vs Teams It is important to understand that a group and a team are two different things. An individual working in a group is responsible only for his or her task within the group. A member of a team is responsible not only for their …show more content…

How to develop your teamwork skills Know where you are - The best way to assess yourself is to place yourself in team situations through team sports, project teams, and organizational teams for events at your institute. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses - Use the above information to be team-oriented, not group-oriented. Reflect on what you did well and where you need to improve. For example, were you too accommodating with others and as a result, kept your ideas to yourself? Remember, conflict is not necessarily a bad thing, provided it serves to achieve the team goal. Ask your team members about your performance. You will get a more accurate picture as a result. Do the same for them. Maintain your strengths - Continue to take on responsibilities in the areas you do well. Build on your weaknesses - Take on one stretch target in an area you need to develop. Ask a team member competent in this area to help you. Remember to return the favour. To lead, know that it is ALL your responsibility - Once you have achieved the last two, think of the entire goal as your responsibility. Build your own competence first. Then, help, encourage, and fill in as many gaps as you can. Maintaining the trust of your team members as you do this is crucial. You should aim for the achievement of the goal and put personal benefit on the back burner for everyone to trust you and allow you to lead. Share credit, encourage, and provide genuine praise

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