The Importance Of Strategic Human Resource Management

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Introduction Strategic human resource management is an approach to the development and implementation of Human Resource strategies.The best way to understand strategic human resource mamagement is by comparing it to human resource management.strategic human resorce management is seen as a partner in organizational succes.It utilizes the talent and opportunity within the human resources department to make other departments stronger and more effective.Strategic human resource management is the practice of attracting,developing,rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of both the employees as individuals and the organizations as a whole.Hr departments interact with the other departments within an organization in order to understand their goals and then create strategies that align with those objectives, as well as those of the organization.As a result,the goals of a human resource department reflect and support the goals of the rest of the organization.Strategic Human Resource Management is defined as the link between Human Resources policies and practices with overall strategic business objectives of an organization.So,Strategic Human Resource Management has a significant influence on managing employees.Strategic Human Resource Management is based on 3 propositions.They are as follows;  The human resources or human capital of an organization play a strategic role in its success and are a major source of competitive advantage.  HR strategies should be integrated

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