Motivation Case Study: Enterprise Rent-A Car

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Summary of the case: Motivation could be defined as factors that stimulate people to act well on a certain topic. Moreover, it is crucial to know what motivates whom, because every individual has certain factors that act to motivate them which differ from everyone else. Some employees could be extroverts so working on team projects or in groups could motivate them because they have the team spirit. On the other hand, some other employees would be motivated by the idea of change and making a difference. This case study is presenting Enterprise-rent-a car; while the main concern of the topic is motivation. Enterprise-rent-a car is an enterprise providing service which is renting cars. In 1957, Jack Taylor started the enterprise in ST. Louis U.S. in a car dealership’s basement. Nowadays, the company owns over 750,000 cars in service all over the globe. The international operations of the enterprise main concern are providing a well suited and trustable service at an acceptable price; moreover, customers will use the service over and over again. The enterprise’s competitive advantage is their excellent customer service which requires “highly motivated staff” in order all of tasks required to provide the service with high quality. The enterprise has its own culture which …show more content…

The first one is Maslow’s need theory which is a motivational theory that illustrates the five types of human being needs in hierarchical pyramid structure. The first type of Maslow’s hierarchy is psychological need such as air, food, shelter, water. The second type is safety needs such as security from outside threats and freedom from fear. The third type is belongings need such as friendship, trust and acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love. The forth type is esteem needs such as self-respect and to be respected from others. The fifth type is self-actualization which realizing personal potential and

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