Assignment On Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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1.Introduction In this assignment, I will reflect on my two practical days in the ward. We were assigned to experience certain wards and had to complete a set of objectives. It was important to work hand in hand with the nursing students and qualified nurses in order to understand what the processes are regarding the patients outside of the Radiography department. I will explain how these patients’ needs will be met when they arrive in the Radiography department. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and the four principles of Ethics are also evident in this assignment. 1.1 Maslow Hierarchy of needs This pyramid concept was created by a psychologist named Abraham Maslow. [Figure 1] The most basic needs are at the base and the more complex needs of the patient is at the top of the pyramid ¹. The lower four needs are referred to as deficiency needs, these needs are due to a lack of something and they have to be satisfied to avoid unpleasantness.¹ In order for the patient to move up the pyramid of needs , all the basic needs at the bottom first have to be fulfilled. ¹The upper needs of the pyramid are referred to as growth …show more content…

The physiological needs are met when the nurses provide the patient with the necessary amount of food, water, oxygen (if needed), blankets for warmth and sleep by providing pain or sleeping pills (if needed). The safety need will be met by the security of the hospital to help the patient feel secure and safe in his/her environment. Love and belongingness can be created through intimacy (if possible), affection and friendship. This can also be given to the patient by his/her family members or friends. To ensure that the patient’s self-esteem needs are met, the Health Care worker has to help to improve the patient’s confidence and independence. The last need, Self-actualization, can be ensured by giving the patient support to experience personal growth and

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