Four Metaparadigm Concepts Of Nursing

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1. Identify and describe the four metaparadigm concepts of nursing.
The four metaparadigm concepts of nursing are person, environment, health, and nursing.
Person referred to the recipient of nursing care. For example, the patient, client, human being, the individual, and in some theoretical works include family, group, community, or institution.
Environment referred to the place within the person exists. For example, external environment (temperature, bedding), and internal environment (food, water, medications). Environment is also view as a situation, energy field, conditions, circumstances, or influences surrounding the person.
Health referred to the health-illness continuum within which the person falls at the time of the interaction with the nurse. For example, health as synonym of healing, comfort, wholeness, continuum, or a state of well-being.
Nursing referred to nursing actions. For example, the nurse ability to alter or manage the environment to enhance maximum …show more content…

These factors provide guidelines for nurse-patient relationship, and the goal of nursing to help persons attain a higher level of harmony within the mind-body-spirit, healing and health. The 10 caritas processes include the practice of loving kindness, equanimity, and belief system for oneself and other. She promotes cultivation one’s world spiritual practices, self-awareness, authentic relationship with the patient, and support patient’s expression of feelings. In addition, she encourage to creatively use the nursing knowledge as part of the caring process, engage in genuine teaching-learning experience, and create a healing environment at all levels. Watson believes that the nurse’s assistance with patient’s basic needs potentiate alignment of the mind-body-spirit. Lastly, she advocates to the opening and attending to spiritual, mysterious, and unknown existential dimensions of life, death, and

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