Nr704 Self-Risk Assessment

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Self-Risk Assessment Brenda Grimmer Chamberlain College of Nursing NR704: DNP Concepts in Population Health Outcomes September, 2015 Leddy’s Healthiness Scale Appendix A Leddy Healthiness Scale Directions: Highlight the number that best indicates your degree of agreement with each of the following statements. Please answer all of the questions the way you feel right now. 6 Completely Agree; 5 Mostly Agree; 4 Slightly Agree; 3 Slightly Disagree; 2 Mostly Disagree; 1 Completely Disagree 1. I think that I function pretty well. 6 5 4 3 2 1 2. I have goals that I look forward to accomplishing in the next year. 6 5 4 3 2 1 3. I am part of a close and supportive family. 6 5 4 3 2 1 4. I don’t feel there is much that is meaningful in my life. …show more content…

The summative score can range from 26 to 156, with higher scores indicating higher healthiness. Leddy’s Healthiness Scale (Leddy, 2006) was completed and scored. A summative score of 152 was calculated, which is a value that suggests an elevated level of health and well-being. Leddy (2006) describes healthiness as a quantifiable means of insight, discernments, connectedness with others and the environment, and goal attainment. Healthiness is a sense of well-being and interactions that allows individuals to be involved in their lifestyle choices, such as nutrition, exercise, and risky behaviors. As a DNP-prepared nurse, there is an obligation to promote health and encourage healthy lifestyles. Health promotion is comprised of education, judgements, accommodating with activities to include health screening, individual care, supporting environmental modification for optimistic well-being activities and options, and developing policies in employment and public locations (Rowland, Fragala-Pinkham, Miles, & O’Neil, 2015). It is important to assess one’s own health and live a healthy lifestyle to be a respectable healthcare provider, as well as be a role model for other …show more content…

Nursing theory affords the dialogue, models, and global aspect to take note of the nursing interest (Leddy, 2006). Nursing theories and models can be ascertained to direct nursing performance. Using Leddy’s theory (2006), the individual is seen as an open energy power that interacts with the atmosphere on a persistent basis. Individuals can take charge of their own health by making choices. The environment is ever changing and impacts change. Health is viewed as a part of the whole, is variable and teeters between synchronization and disagreement. Nurses depend on theories and models to promote healing, well-being, and mindfulness when providing care for individuals and interacting with

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