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Activity 15.1 Write five simple sentences on the lines below. 1.I love to eat candy all day. 2.I like to stay in my room. 3.I enjoy washing movies instead of partying. 4.Sometimes being in the house all the time is depressing. 5.I normally stick to myself . Activity 15.2 1.I love to stay in the house and watch movies, but sometimes it is depressing because I get really lonely at times. 2.Its hard when you normally stick to yourself because when you want to hang out you don't have any friends so I'm going to start befriending people. 3.I dislike people with a passion however, in order for me to have fun, I sometimes need friends with me. 4.Sometimes friends can be dishonest or unloyal which is why I would choose to be by myself. 5.Being by myself …show more content…

For three, put the dependent clause first. For the other three, put the dependent clause second. 1.Having a short temper is the reason why I got into a fight 2.When I got home I got in trouble for fighting. 3.if my plane land at eight in the morning I will be at my nine a clock class. 4.I had a fight because I have a short temper 5.I got in trouble for fighting at school once I got home. 6.I will be at my nine a clock class if my plane lands at eight a clock. ACTIVITY 15.5 Write five compound-complex sentences on the lines below. Try to use several different methods to put the sentences together by sometimes putting the dependent clause first, in the middle, or last. 1.I love to eat ;while I watch movies because it is comfortable it is also a way to gain weight. 2.It is comfortable to watch movies at home however sometimes it gets boring and I get distracted. 3.It gets boring when I stay in the house but sometimes I like to be alone so I turn my phone off. 4.Shopping is fun because you get to buy new stuff but it gets tiring from walking and holding bags. 5.I get distracted because sometimes it be alot off stuff going on so I outside to do my work. CHAPTER 15 REVIEW

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