Pt1420 Unit 6 Essay

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Throughout the night, Mary dreamt of Bill . Her mind raced through memories from the first time their eyes met, how those sweet blue eyes sparkled when he laughed, and how they were in love and drifted apart. She also remembered 4 years ago, when she had seen him while away on business in Orlando, Florida. She thought it had been destiny at the time, seeing each other thousands of miles away from their original homes and being in the same hotel. Mary never told her husband that she had seen her ex-boyfriend Bill that night, or that they had shared the warmth of their bodies with each other in Room 302. Mary knew what she had done that night was unspeakable; Bill didn’t know she was married to Henry, yet. She convinced Bill that they could …show more content…

“Here goes nothing”, she whispered, as they got on the bus that would take them downtown of Washington Square. When they finally arrived, there was only one law firm in sight, and the window advertised the names of all of their lawyers, one of which belonged to the tall man with sparkling blue eyes. Her heart raced and she was on the verge of breaking down.. she thought of turning away and running. She had lived this lie for so long, and no one had questioned her yet. Despite these feelings, Mary knew she had to reveal her secret. She pulled open the glass door and guided her young son into the lobby. As she entered, she caught sight of him behind the main desk speaking to a younger man, who looked like an intern. The sound of the door closing behind them captured the attention of the men, and Bill came to greet Mary and the little boy. “Hello Mary, nice seeing you again”, his words sounded echoed in her mind, “What are you doing here?” She looked at him and mustered up all of the courage in her body. She could do this, she had

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