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1.We aren’t foul-smelling and unsanitary. We take showers, wash our hair, and clip our toenails. We may not have enough money to buy ourselves caviar conditioner and a gold facial however clearance shampoo can do wonders. 2.Just because we can’t afford designer clothes doesn’t mean we can’t find it in a thrift shop. If you know where to look you can find a slightly stained Gucci purse, a pandora bracelet with a missing charm, and a half used bottle of Chanel for less than a quarter of the original price all those items would cost. 3.Sending your children to public school ain’t that bad. Greasy pizza, used textbooks, and graffiti on bathroom stalls is the least of your worries when sending your privileged child to a public …show more content…

Y’all got time for proper grammar cuz we don’t. 5.We don’t need to fly our personal jet to our summer home in Europe to have a good time with our families. Simply inviting family members over for a potluck, playing some music, mingling, and writing with Mad Libs could make for a perfect night. 6.Fake diamonds shine just as brightly as real ones do. Claire’s is the place to be at when a fake diamond situation arises. 7.Every occassion doesn’t warrant a new outfit. Yes I wore this outfit last week and do you know why that is possible? Its called a washing machine- magic! 8.Basketball and soccer are just as good as polo and golf. You don’t need a horse and a mallet or a golf cart and some clubs; all you need is a basketball and a hoop or a soccer ball and net along with some good friends. 9.My friends can do my hair and makeup just as well as your hairdresser and makeup artist can. Drugstore makeup and friends who have mastered their beauty techniques since that one time in middle school they experimented with their mother's makeup are perfect resources. 10.As long as you have transportation that gets you to point A to point B it doesn’t matter what it looks

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