Nt1310 Unit 2 Reading Assignment

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I believe that the survey presented in the Unit 2 reading assignment revealed several blind spots concerning my individual academic skills. I was startled to discover some of my individual weaknesses revealed in the survey. The survey was insightful and enlightening, as I realized that I have previously ignored some critical areas addressed.

I realize that focusing on my weaknesses can compound the difficulty of achieving academic success (Bethel University, 2014). Developing my weaknesses and converting them to strengths will significantly improve the likelihood of my academic and professional success. I discovered that mathematics, positive visualization, optimism, knowing how to learn, seeking support from others, self-esteem …show more content…

These professionals insightfully designed a writing system that would establish consistent procedures for their writing purposes. The APA style continues to provide standardized formatting for the essentials in writing for grammar, mathematics and tables.

Integrating research and correlating the findings into my writing assignments can present challenges. Close attention must be paid to the details of how each contributor’s citation and reference is formatted (Bethel University, 2014). A direct quote has different requirements than a paraphrased quote from a researched source. Any given reference from a book, scholarly article, or the internet will differ is subtle ways. The inclusion of multiple citations and references can be challenging and it is important to stay organized while composing writing assignments.

One of the most recognizable advantages of utilizing the APA style is ensuring that the author of research integrated into my work receives proper recognition. The APA style further serves to provide a consistent base for the document style. Potential readers may then establish an individual’s proficiency pertaining to its content (Bethel University,

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