Marketing Strategy: SWOT Analysis Of Blackberry

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Blackberry offers a line of wireless handheld devices. Products provided are smartphones, tablets, software itself and Internet Service. The company’s headquarters is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. BlackBerry operates offices in Europe, Latin and North America and Asia Pacific. However it has served people worldwide. Blackberry belongs to the secondary and tertiary sector. The reason for that is because they manufacture the phones and then sell them. It is a public limited company because it sells its shares to the general public. Blackberry’s mission statement: “BlackBerry is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. Through the development of integrated …show more content…

We will provide on-going development towards our product and customer services in order to become the best in terms of customer value, employee talent and predictable growth so that it may achieve competitive advantage in this …show more content…

Blackberry SWOT analysis: The strengths of blackberry are that it has strong brand recognition worldwide and it has 76 million loyal users. Another, blackberry app store has a decent amount of applications and RIM is the best smartphone in terms of security. The weaknesses of blackberry are the multimedia functions, compared to other smartphones since there isn’t FM radio. Blackberry is also very dependent on government and corporate contracts which isn’t a guarantee for them and not long term. Mainly blackberry is very weak at marketing their brand, it spent ($41.3 million) on marketing, 10 times lower than Apple ($400 million) and 8 times lower than Samsung ($334 million). Blackberry has many opportunities, which are possible increase in demand from governments because of their high security and the smart-device market growing fast about 41.7% per year. Blackberry faces many threats that include rapid technological change. Companies are pressured to release new products faster than competitors. Another is increased competition for government contracts, has to compete with Samsung and Apple for contract

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