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  • Smartphones: The Negative Impacts Of The Smartphone

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    The use of the smartphone, a mobile phone which can access to the Internet (Pearson Education, 2013) has become a trend. The Ericsson Mobility Report (Ericsson, 2016) indicates that there are 7.5 billion mobile subscriptions in the world, with 3.9 billion smartphone users. A survey by Pew Research Center conveyed that the amount of American mobile users rose from 35% in 2011 to 68% in 2015. (Anderson, 2015) Among them, 46% claimed that “they couldn’t live without” their smartphones (Anderson, 2015)

  • Effects Of Smartphones

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    lives. With smartphones inhabiting the pockets of roughly three quarters of all Americans and tablets borne by half, a pale blue glow silhouettes modern life” (Chen 2). There is no doubt that smartphones have become a major part of modern life. They do many great things, including connecting people all over the world and allowing them to communicate with one another. However, as great as they seem, smartphones are not as harmless as people may think. Overuse of social media and smartphones can lead

  • Essay On Smartphone

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    Study: A smartphone is one of the necessities and luxurious item of life today. But have you ever wondered what smartphone is? Why are smartphones a necessity in life today? And why are smartphones a luxury today? A smartphone is a phone and a handheld computer in a small device. Integrated Business Machine (IMB) was the first one who invented a smartphone back in 1992. The first smartphone was given by the name of Simon. Simon can do a wide range computing features. Like a computer, smartphone has an

  • Smartphone Addiction

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    Recently, society have a new addiction. This is known as the smartphone. The smartphones of today have so many peculiarity that the owners of that smartphones can hardly seem to put them down just for a second. These devices not only have the same features that a PC would have. The purpose of this essay is to aid people understand the smartphone technology, the ways smartphone technology changes people and their habits, understand the effect of changing and manner in which we live , and how these

  • Smartphone Industry

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    researches, the smartphone section is growing quickly. Smartphones, cell phones feature phones are products that are classified as mobile phones. A smart phone may differs in many ways from the regular cell phones or feature phone. On the other hand smartphone products have a short lifetime and the frequency of changing from one product to another is high almost the same as for example the automotive industry. Many people who are the frequent user of a product or service changes their smartphones on regular

  • Disadvantages Of A Smartphone

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    INTRODUCTION In this research firstly I will define what speech to speech translator in smartphone and language in detail. A smartphone is a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps. As with many other applications, smart phone platforms are a good candidate for deploying speech-to-speech (S2S) translation apps, because of extreme portability, a very large and

  • Disadvantages Of Smartphone

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    RESEARCH - SMARTPHONE The study of impact using smartphones on their academic performance either giving them benefits (advantages) or drawbacks (disadvantages) among Kolej Poly-Tech Mara (KPTM) students. 1.1) INTRODUCTION Technology getting more advanced from time to time until today there was smartphones. In the past the only phone that are exist are huge and heavy it is difficult for us to carry it anywhere at any time. Thus in the change in time, technology have changed and improve

  • The Importance Of Smartphones

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    with a little device in my hands would be possible! “Smartphones are one of the most remarkable phenomenon’s of the 21st century lifestyle” expect that line to be stated in one of the Literature of the 21st century classes after a hundred years or so, smartphones are a great invention, that’s why they are very common among us people who live in this age, it has various

  • Evolution Of Smartphones

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    A general conclusion that can be made is smartphones are a vital part of our life in today’s world contributing to the decrease of a quality conversation concerning personal interactions. The technology of smartphone is growing constantly with new features and applications daily. This encourages users to be totally engaged with their smartphones most of the time in a day and be disengaged with the people around them. This is what creates the ‘face-down’ society. The youth especially, who hardly look

  • Importance Of Smartphones

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    everywhere: work, education , social life and etc. One of the biggest technology advancement is smartphone technologies, which have brought out a massive impact in people’s lives. People around the globe can easily get connected with each other through phone, text messages, email and other services. Smartphones provide an opportunity to look up information, do researchers, which save people’s time and money. Smartphones also, helping people to be social active by providing many apps and social media, such

  • The Causes Of Smartphone Addiction

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    Smartphone is one of the best invention in twenty first century. Smartphone is an all-in device that provide functionality of other device such as calculator, torch light, media player and camera. According to Pei and Lionel (2006), unspecific promoting planner had started to use the term smartphone to bring up new type of cell phone that can enable information access and use computing power to process. Smartphone allow us to contract with people, access information and make transaction within our

  • Smartphone Advantages And Disadvantages

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    and Ezeh, 2012). In this new era of globalization, technology advancement influences too many innovations in the cellular industry and several improvements were applied according to the demand from the users. That is where the smartphones enters the market. The term smartphone refers to advanced capabilities and features

  • Smartphone In Daily Life

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    Smartphone and Its Necessity in People’s Daily Life In 2007, the first iPhone was introduced by the Apple Inc. since then the face of the world communication has changed into the borderless communication at hand. It was revealed by eMarketer that in 2014 the number of the smartphone users globally was about 1.6 billion and this number might rise to 2.6 billion approximately in 2018 which could be calculated as more than half of the worldwide population. Moreover, according to Pylayev, some people

  • Negative Effects Of Smartphones

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    In contemporary world, smartphone are playing a very important role in human’s life. It’s a technology that keeps on developing everyday to make the life of each person easier. The impacts of smartphone are obvious include social life, business and pollution. Mobile technology has already changed the cultural specification and behaviour of each person especially in today. The impacts are both at the positive side and negative side. Social life Smartphone is a very fast, convenient and fashionable

  • Benefits Of Smartphone Essay

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    In-Class Smartphone Use Introduction IT technologies today improve continuously and with great speed. In a blink of the eye, as it seems, smartphones, tablets and computers become smarter and more sophisticated. Simultaneously, these technologies become cheaper and, therefore, more affordable to people, which also means that smartphones have now become a must have for everyone. School and college students are not an exclusion. Various sources report that up to 99% of students have a smartphone, and nearly

  • Becoming Slaves To Smartphones

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    only a communication tool but it also a necessary social accessory. Nowadays, most of the mobile phones in the market are smartphones. Smartphones are those phones that offer more advanced computing power and connectivity than a traditional mobile phone. With the immense rise in the number of cases of gadget addiction, mental health experts are coining such terms (smartphone slaves) to describe behavioural changes that are occurring with excessive gadget use. Large number of persons from young generation

  • Swot Analysis Of Smartphone

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    cellular phones sold in the world is smartphone. According to PC Magazine Encyclopedia, a smartphone is a combination of cellular phone and pocket computer. It is capable of running third party applications, and out of the box, it could be used as digital camera, portable email and web browsing machine, digital maps, and virtual assistant. It is also dubbed as “the greatest technology revolution since the internet.” There are a lot of manufacturers making smartphones in every price range, such as Samsung

  • Descriptive Essay Smartphone

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    Keyword: Smartphones: How to select the best phone There were times when people used to communicate via letters, telegrams and then emails. Today is an age of smartphones. It is virtually impossible to imagine life without one. Be it instant messaging, capturing happy moments in few clicks or watching your favorite show or movie, smartphones has the answer and solution for everything. It has become a new way of life. When it comes to the selection and buying of this indispensable commodity, there

  • Smartphones Case Study

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    customer decision while purchasing smartphones in BALLARI town, chosen topic is to understand the customer attitude towards smartphone. By this we can study how the customers react towards the smartphone. As there are many smartphones in the market and how customer is influenced towards a particular smartphone/brand and its convenience to them or not. I had made certain objectives and sub-objectives and with that, I had framed a certain questionnaire and around 260 smartphone users in Ballari conducted a

  • The Negative Impact Of Smartphones

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    Nowadays smartphones are like part of our families, we never go out without our “good friend”, converting in our confident, our toy, our everything. In contrast to few generation ago when children’s major interest was a simply teddy bear, now they want a mobile phone. “This technology increased the social communication and developed into a global trend that spans race, gender, generation, and socioeconomic status” (Aoki & Downes, 2003; Katz, 1997; Turkle, 2011). Therefore, the increased use of smartphones