Advantages Of Samsung Pricing Strategy

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Samsung implements the strategy of “ Red Ocean;” which shows that a firm gains competitive advantage by venture into the current market and constructing on the weaknesses of other competitors in the field of similar products. Thus, Samsung“floods the market with many products” which are made by other companies within short duration of time ( Travos,2002). It seems that Samsung made these new products through developing many of manufacturing products of its Smartphones. However, such attitude is considered to be as a massive cost advantage over other firms that make such product. Samsung has improved its “competition position internationally through developing its present competitive strategies” , through depending on the other manufacturers`…show more content…
That is the firm spends over “four hundred million dollars on advertising” for its various products aiming to target different slides of the customers in the global market as it floods the market with various products. This strategy comes with another one that is the pricing strategy , Samsung’s products are inexpensive if compared with other competitors. This strategy has enhanced the position of the firm to be one of the largest in selling products as it targets all the slides of the communities worldwide( David and Enrich 2000)…show more content…
This offers the firm to get a real outlook of its customer`s circumstances and preferences as well. Generally speaking, the classical approach is the most suitable one to be applied on Samsung as it has a mature and stable businesses also since the business of Samsung has influenced on the performance of individual

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