Samsung Target Market Analysis

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Segmentation and Target Market Paper Positioning Statement Healthier lifestyle is adapting throughout the world now days. Best physical activities, conscious upon healthy eating, making it incorporate to each other. While work out, people are more into use of technology to monitor their heartbeats and to check over calories burned. Moreover, they maintain manually written records, their readings to track about the level they are going good which they calculate through heat rate monitor. Samsung too early encountered the issue and resolved it by including a “Gear” a smart watch and Gear Fit, connecting to Samsung galaxy 5 and it is always automatically record the work out. Company attached many other features to Galaxy 5 and smart watch. Gear…show more content…
This takes a deep analysis of the segmentation are made to apply. Perhaps, any technology cannot be so specified about the needs and wants. As a whole segmentation drawn upon age, gender, regional, season, taste etc. which is ever easy to regular home products. In this way producers to these technological products face hard times to establish the need in the market. Sensitive market to these kinds of products are commercial line and offices those has to get technological interface to attain day to day tasks. Samsung has contributed in so many innovative products to make users life easy such as tablets, mini laptops, and televisions to provide with the wide range of technology for personal use. Samsung is known for its colors and picture quality in the…show more content…
Which is the band or a product or service that will goes to market and advertise, given promotions to promote the product are all the key element to consider carefully while planning an action. When the company initiates to its marketing strategies it has to be built carefully and specifically to the product and target audience. While a control over market a perfect product and services positioning company has to check over the budget and has to look upon the medium they use. If we talk about the number of media and things related to market products and services to the target market it will goes a long debate. The ultimate goal of target market is to attract the huge numbers of customers with the efficient resources utilization methods. The target market of Samsung is the active lifestyles which includes the age of 18-45 years old. Smart watches are further segmented into different age groups and gender. Gear Fit is a bit smaller that has a capability to allow your call receiving while tracking your fitness records and you can also view some information. This is considered to target women as upon its thinner size. Best for athletics works best to keep for those rush to somewhere and just take smart watch so can get
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