Apple's Target Market Analysis

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Segmentation, Targeting and positioning, also known as STP are an essential part in marketing today. This model is important for generating marketing communication strategies and it aids the marketers to prioritize schemes and deliver personalized and pertinent messages to diverse audiences. This approach is audience oriented rather than product focused in terms of communication, which results in conveying appropriate messages to the members who are more commercially appealing. Segmentation benefits the managers in finding out the area on which they have to concentrate on in terms of geography, demographics, social factors or behaviors. Targeting is the next step after segmentation and requires that the needs of the target market are met. Next …show more content…

Their target market is mainly divided into three categories. The first group is of the people who have a high brand loyalty to Apple and are the primary consumers of its product. These people would not only own the Iphone but also other products offered by Apple like the IPod, iTouch and iPad. This group is well aware of the features and benefits of the product and is therefore prepared to pay a greater price for these features. The primary target group of the Apple iPhone belongs to the upper middle or higher social class who can afford to pay for the premium products offered by …show more content…

Segmentation and targeting of Nokia: The market segmentation done by Nokia is very different as compare to the two brands mentioned above. Nokia has various smartphone categories that target a diverse audience. They have a variety of segments made on the basis of occupation, income, social class, lifestyles, end usage, age etc. All these segments are targeted differently with a specific category of phone and a unique marketing strategy for each. For example, the Nokia N-series is for the segment of students and teenagers. Nokia competes with blackberry through their E-series which offers a range of business phones, targeting the segment of corporate professionals. On the other hand Nokia also provides a range of premium and luxury phones by the name of “Vertu”, which targets the higher social class segment in the market. Positioning: Positioning is the image that a consumer perceives about the product (Dibb et. al. 2007). Brand positioning refers to the preference of a target customer given to a brand or product over the competitor’s product. It is about creating a distinctive place and worth in the mind of the

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