Samsung Case Study: Samsung Business Strategy

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1. General business strategy 1.1. General business philosophy Samsung work with the aim of developing innovative technologies and provide people with efficient processes so that regularly new markets are created and they continue to rule the digital work. They follow five core values including: • People: Samsung gives all the resources and opportunities their people need to give their best. • Excellence: Samsung makes sure to provide their customers with excellent products and services. • Change: Samsung always comes up with new products and innovative services in order to fulfill their customers’ needs and demands. • Integrity: Samsung makes sure that ethics are followed at each and every level and thus stay faithful and give respect to its stakeholders (Globart, 2012). • Co-prosperity: For a business to prosper, it is very much needed that auxiliaries, employers and others too, must be given opportunities to flourish. Samsung strongly believes in it and move ahead by taking everyone together. They are fulfilling their responsibilities towards society and environment as well by being a responsible corporate citizen (Annual Report, 2013). 1.2. International expansion Samsung Electronics started as one of the biggest suppliers of international high-tech companies producing chip, battery and memory. After a few years of experience, they extended their activities for the public market by producing TV, screens, micro-waves and so on. Samsung takes advantage of their
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