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  • Alexander Graham Bell: The Rise Of The Smartphone Industry

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    and introduced the first telephone which can enable a person to communicate with another. Soon after the economy begin to rise and the technology starts to bloom the very first cellular phone were introduced know as the personal digital assistant (PDA). This personal digital assistant (PDA) enables a person some activities such as sending and receiving e-mails amending an office document. (Azzawi and Ezeh, 2012). In this new era of globalization, technology advancement influences too many innovations

  • Mobile Technology Essay

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    resources anywhere and anytime. Utilizing context information which is captured from sensors, user’s personal information, and device status is specially emphasized in mobile computing application for following reasons. First, human-computer interaction in mobile devices is more awkward than that in conventional desk-top devices. Most of handheld-sized computers such as personal digital assistants (PDA) and smartphones have small-sized display panel and pen-based input interface. A good solution to

  • Stop Googling: Let's Talk By Sherry Turkle

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    of using your phone in public. Keywords as ‘technology’, ‘social interactions’, ‘empathy’, ‘mobile devices’ and ‘distractions’, do not only indicate the essay’s topic, but also point out how our phone is keeping us from empathic conversations and personal development. It is becoming harder for us to identify other people’s

  • Technology Education Benefits

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    Technology has changed our world forever, and nowadays, children are getting their hands on technology as soon as their hands can press a button or swipe a screen. The rising use of phones and mobile devices means children can have access to learning anywhere and at any time. Research shows that there are more than 80,000 applications for education written for iOS and Android device, on every subject and for every grade level from preschool through college. Convenience is the most obvious of the

  • Phones While Driving

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    The popularity of cell phones is growing and will continue to be adopted by more and more consumers every day. Likewise, the escalation of using cell phones in every aspect of day to day life, even while people are driving is becoming extremely popular. Going hand in hand, cell phone ownership and the usage of cell phones is only going to continue on expanding. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project revealed that cell phone ownership is indeed increasing

  • Essay On Technology And Beauty

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    Does technology help shape society’s standard of beauty? By: Allegra Sudarto Introduction: The world we live in today is a world of technology; the advancements in technology has been greatly integrated in our lives, and it is readily available and accessible. Technology has evolved it is not so much of magazines, newspapers, or posters, but technology has made the availability more at ease through smartphones. We are highly dependent on technology as it makes our lives much easier and more convenient

  • Essay On How Cell Phones Changed Society

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    Cell Phones and How They Have Changed Society Technology is always advancing and changing society as it becomes present in the changing world. The recent application of mobile devices into today 's society has changed the future. Cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. Cell phone usage, abuse towards others, and cell phones in schools are major issues today in our teenage society. Text messaging through cell phones has affected teenage literacy. Text messaging, also known as SMS

  • Video Games Impact On Childhood Education

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    I. Introduction Mobile devices are broad especially in from factors. The most common mobile devices are smart phones and tablets. There are numerous play store wherein every users of these popular mobile devices can download countless mobile games which will help them entertain themselves. The exploding popularity of mobile devices has led to a market where new devices are being released, new programs are being developed, and new features are gaining and losing popularity very rapidly (Hanson, 2011)

  • Essay On Influence Of Social Media On Teenagers

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    Is Social Media Harming Teens In Daily Life? In this new era of technological advancement, we have all kinds of new benefits, but the downsides of these things have been neglected. The most common of them being, smart phones and laptops. Through smart phones and laptop, we discovered new forms of communication and entertainment. One of them being the social media, from which you can chat with your friends or you, can use it as a source of entertainment. But many people have argued with us whether

  • How Do Smartphones Affect Children

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    Smartphones Are Hurting Our Kids Although smartphones have only been around for 30 years, it has become a crucial part of our life. With smartphones, we are able to connect with colleagues, teachers, friends, families, and even the outside world. We have instant access to countless information and continuous updates on current events and issues. However, our obsession with smartphones has a dark side. Research over the past few years has shown that smartphones are actually hurting people, specifically

  • Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School Essay

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    When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? If you said check the tiny screen lying right next to you, you are just like 80 percent of our nation. As years go by, cell phones become a bigger and bigger part of our daily life. In fact, many people believe we should incorporate cell phones into the learning process at school. Although some people say say cell phones give us an abundant amount of opportunities at school, nevertheless, cell phones should not be allowed at school

  • Mass Media And Gender Stereotypes

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    In todays world, mass media plays an important role by distributing information rapidly and entertaining massive audiences. Mass Media contains all sorts of media such as television, radio, books and the internet. However, nowadays the internet is the most evolving channel, while the TV also has some sort of an effect, by producing a certain type of message, the media can have control on people’s attitudes and beliefs. Advertising is a form of communication for marketing which is used to persuade

  • Little Sleep Hypothesis

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    for the importance of this question by briefly summarizing the rationale for the hypothesis. In the United States, it has been documented that 93% of young adults between 18-19 years old have a cell phone. With easy access to cell phones and other digital media, it is no surprise that U.S. university students spend an average of 12 hours a day engrossed in media consumption (Orzech, Grandner, Roane, & Carskadon, 2016). Although media is a significant part of college student’s lives, studies have found

  • The History Of Mass Communication

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    Communication is the process of sending and receiving information from sender to the receiver and from it, mass communication is formed. Mass communication has been one of the most essential processes of communication nowadays involving a large number of people receiving the mass information through varieties of media technologies. As defined by Ralph E. Hanson(2016), mass communication is the peak of communication pyramid which is a society-wide communication where messages or speech are sent to

  • Apple Has Not Made Enough Iphone 7's Analysis

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    Commentary on Apple Has Not Made Enough iPhone 7’s Technology is the fastest growing development that the 21st century has seen thus far. It was only 40 year ago that cellular telephones were invented and now,a phone can have the same processing speed as a computer. As the population increases and the price of telecommunication decreases, the demand of phones rise which causes companies to continue producing more units every year. Though as time goes on, companies experience successes and failures

  • Bank Of America Mobile Banking Case Study

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    Bank of America: Mobile Banking This essay is based on the case “Bank of America: Mobile Banking” which is dated on May 2012. We will first present benefits mobile banking provide to consumers and highlight reasons why many consumers haven’t adopted mobile banking yet. Furthermore, we will look into Bank of America motivation to offer mobile banking to its customers and review associated costs and risks of mobile banking implementation. Then understand what lessons can the bank learn from its online

  • Essay On Smart Watch

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    What is a Smart watch? Although there is not a well-structured definition for a smart watch, but apart from the basic feature of showing time there must be many other features should be present that actually makes the watch smart. Ability to connect through Bluetooth or internet to other devices and run various beneficial applications can be some of such features that should be available in a watch to be considered as a smart watch. Connection to the internet has opened an entirely new world of

  • When Euphemism Disguises Truth: George Orwell's Foresight?

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    Imagine if the government had the power to monitor everyone through any mobile device, just imagine. Trying to get away with something you did bad would be almost impossible. This is almost similar to how the people in the society of the book 1984 would live. They lived under a totalitarian government and would use advanced technology like telescreens to watch over everyone even inside their own homes. George Orwell is a man that visualized a society where the government controlled everything and

  • Cardinal Direction Rhetorical Analysis

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    Individuals whose language utilize cardinal directions, instead of egocentric directions, develop a greater sense of spatial orientation. Egocentric directions depend on which direction the person’s body is facing; you would tell someone to turn right at an intersection if they were approaching from the north, but you would tell them to turn left at that same intersection if they were approaching from the south. Conversely, cardinal directions do not change as our bodies do. With cardinal directions

  • The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Cloud Computing

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    Mobile cloud computing uses the same concept but it just adds a device of mobile. Cloud computing comes in action when a task or a data get kept on the internet rather than individual devices. It providers users on demand access to the data which they have to retrieve. Applications run on the remote server, and then given to the user to be able to, store and manage it from the mobile platform. Cloud computing, one of the buzz words of 2008, allows you to store your files and folders in a “cloud”