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  • The Importance Of Wearable Technology

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    dynamic field has been evolving while we examine this. The latest phenomenon in modern technology is seen in the in gadgets that can be worn by us, hence the designation wearable technology. Unlike PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) that happen to be hand held gadgets such as mobile phones and digital cameras; wearable gadgets are attached with shirts or dresses) which enables it to be utilized as bracelets or adornments. Although the achievements from this technological innovation is relatively new

  • Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life

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    our life, whether we are aware of it or not ,its influence is growing steadily. Virtual Personal Assistants Siri , Google Now are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms (iOS , Android).AI have been used in mobile apps, as they collect information on users requests and use that information for better recognition of speech and serve the required results. Virtual personal assistants process a huge amount of data from variety of sources and are more effective in helping them

  • Limitations Of Mobile Computing

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    can be linked anytime, anywhere to the network The actual work for mobile communication generates the requirement for combination of wireless networks and obtainable networks – Local Area Network: Global System for Mobile and Integrated Service Digital Network with Internet and protocol IP. The term "Mobile computing" is another way to describe the make use of computing devices, which typically correlate in some approach with a central information system. While away from the normal, permanent

  • Characteristics Of Mobile Computing

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    where they are at any given moment. Such users are referred as technomads. The fast growing wireless technology has made information accessible from anywhere and at any time. Mobile computing devices such as Laptops, Smart phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and tablet PC etc., will be equipped with a wireless connection to the fixed part of the network which is referred to as mobile computing. The mobility feature allows the user

  • Literature Review On Mobile Commerce

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    Name of Auther : Dr Shanta.Arakeri.V Designation : Associate Professor Email-ID: A REVIEW FOR MOBILE COMMERCE KEYWORD:- Consumers, Markets, Mobile Commerce, Services, Technology, Technology, Innovation. ABSTRACT:- Mobile commerce (M-Commerce) is an insect today in India. With half a billion mobile subscribers, emerging competition, innovative ways to attracts customer’s way of doing business has undergone sea change by the use of mobile. Mobile commerce or M-Commerce

  • Speech Recognition Assignment

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    Introduction: In real life the need of smart assistant application is one of advantage of smartphone. Audio Recognition application is useful because it helps in making the life easier, in such a way of communication between you and software to do what is it has been ordered. one of these application Siri, Cortana, and Google’s. all of these application is build in application on OS system and work as intelligent personal assistant. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is being used to satisfy

  • Mobile Phone Questionnaire Essay

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    A STUDY OF CUSTOMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS SMART PHONES IN COIMBATORE Dr. M. RAJARAJESWARI M.Com.,M.Phil.,MBA.,MCA.,PGDIM.,PGDHRM.,Ph.D.,NET,SET Assistant Professor & Head of the Department PSGR Krishnammal College for Women Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India e-Mail: Ph.No. 99407 12812 ABSTRACT Mobile phone markets are one of the most turbulent market environments today due to increased competition and change. The increasing trend in Smartphone among the people is the

  • Swot Analysis Of Mobile Phones

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    technology is the technology used mostly for communication. Since the start of the year 2000, a simple two-way pager has been replaced by a standard mobile phone. The mobile device had a number pad including pick-up and hang-up button as well as a digital phone book to store the phone numbers which offered convenience for users but not much more. Now smartphone fully-developed computers that you could fit into your pocket. In term of smartphone function, they can run GPS navigation device, web browser

  • Smartphone Advantages And Disadvantages

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    and introduced the first telephone which can enable a person to communicate with another. Soon after the economy begin to rise and the technology starts to bloom the very first cellular phone were introduced know as the personal digital assistant (PDA). This personal digital assistant (PDA) enables a person some activities such as sending and receiving e-mails amending an office document. (Azzawi and Ezeh, 2012). In this new era of globalization, technology advancement influences too many innovations

  • Use Of Smartphones In Universities

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    12-10-2017 Use of smartphones in Universities Smartphones are the mobile phone with camera, personal digital assistant, and variety of other advanced features. Smartphones are a common technology used by most students, but everyone uses it for different purposes. It makes our task performance easier, helps us to solve many of daily problems, stay in touch with the world or live a digital life. Some may think that smartphones would be good use in educational purposes. However, others believe

  • Swot Analysis Of Smartphone

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    smartphone. According to PC Magazine Encyclopedia, a smartphone is a combination of cellular phone and pocket computer. It is capable of running third party applications, and out of the box, it could be used as digital camera, portable email and web browsing machine, digital maps, and virtual assistant. It is also dubbed as “the greatest technology revolution since the internet.” There are a lot of manufacturers making smartphones in every price range, such as Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Microsoft (formerly

  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Modern Technology

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    technology impacts the personal growth of an individual as one of life’s most impressive and incredible phenomena. The technological development has drastically impact the personal growth of an individual, both negatively and positively. We will start by discussing on the negative impact that technology brings, which firstly, is that it causes a withdrawal of certain behaviour towards a person who is being deprived from frequent use of mobile phone and other personal digital assistants. Excessive use of

  • The Importance Of Mobile Technology

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    contemporary learners and which are often markedly different from those afforded by conventional desktop computers. These devices are used dynamically, in many different settings, giving access to a broad range of uses and situated learning activities. The personal nature of these technologies are well suited to engaging learners in individualized learning experiences and to giving them increased ownership over their own

  • Technology In Mobile Computing

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    anywhere in the space. The state of the user, static or mobile, does not affect the information management capability of the mobile platform being constrained to a single location. To facilitate the data management activities, users can carry Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), laptop, cell phones, etc. At present the current technology only provides limited transaction processing capabilities but soon such facilities will be available on all mobile devices such as cell phones, laptops, palmtops, etc. This

  • Advantages Of Mobile Commerce

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    store. As the Internet finds its way into our purses or pockets, the devices we use to contact it are becoming more personal too. Already nowdays, mobile phones know the phone numbers of our acquaintances and colleagues. They are starting to follow our location. Tomorrow, they will substitute our wallets and credit cards. One day, they may very well turn into intellectual assistants competent of anticipating many of our wishes and desires, such as robotically arranging for taxis to come and pick us

  • Essay About Mobile Technology

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    Situation Analysis The revolution of the mobile phone is staked out in the whole world. Portability of such gadgets like phones and multimedia devices manifest evidence and variety of information sources are available at any locale. In the Philippines, education is an incomparable treasure to any type of material thing a person can acquire. Educators are zests on exploring different methodologies to impart lessons the simplest, accessible, portable and convenient learning for students. Mobile technologies

  • Smartphone Marketing Strategy

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    Executive Summary “A 10% increase in mobile and broadband penetration increases the per capita GDP by 0.81% and 1.38% respectively in the developing countries.”- World Bank. Smartphone has created new dimensions for business in Indian market. Smartphones have been very useful in their mobile applications and internet services Those Smartphones sell that provide an opportunity to businesses for investment in mobile apps. INTRODUCTION This chapter presents the introduction, purpose, and structure

  • Mobile Networking Advantages And Disadvantages

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    infrastructure with centralized administration is required for their operation, potentially consuming a lot of time and money for set-up and maintenance Furthermore, an increasing number of devices such as laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), pocket PCs, tablet PCs, smart phones, MP3 players, digital

  • Mobile Phone Technology: The Future Of Mobile Technology

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    With changing times, the mobile technology has changed a lot and in the last few years we have seen the arrival of various new kinds of gadgets in the form of smartphone, camera-phone, Android and tablet phones. Now a day, the handset industry has turned from simple budget handsets to ultra-modern high end mobile phones. Today’s device is almost everything - it is fashionable, innovative, appealing, high-performing, durable, stylish and multi-tasking. Latest gadgets can be used for various purposes

  • Disadvantages Of Bluetooth

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    Bluetooth is an always-on, short-range radio hookup that resides on a microchip. It was initially developed by Swedish mobile phone maker Ericsson in 1994 as a way to let laptop computers make calls over a mobile phone. Since then, several thousand companies have signed on to make Bluetooth the low-power short-range wireless standard for a wide range of devices. Industry observers expect Bluetooth to be installed in billions of devices by 2005. The concept behind Bluetooth is to provide a universal