Essay On The Importance Of Staff Retention

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The importance of staff retention Nurse retention is to provide staff with implements that will empower them in the workplace. Empowerment in organizational structures include power and opportunity. Employees with high levels of power are included in lines of information, support, resources and opportunities to learn and grow (Schwinger ET AL., 2010). In additional employees who have high levels of opportunity in their jobs tend to be more proactive problem solvers and accept change. When staff have opportunity and power, they are motivated, feel more in control, have increased wellbeing and have greater job satisfaction (Schwinger ET AL., 2010). These empowering features in the workplace will potentially promote job satisfaction, create greater productivity, and most importantly promote retention of valuable employees. The key to retention is creating and keeping an environment where all of the generations feel welcome and valued. There have four important things to staff retention in organizational is relationships, value, eengagement and health care organization policies. 2.1 Relationship The important of staff retention is relationship with manager. The relationship between staff and supervisor is a acute one for retaining employees.88% of employees leave …show more content…

Positive reinforcement campaign by showing respect and recognition of staff nurses. The need for respect for staff nurses seems to hinge on being preserved as a value added part of the health care system. Nurse managers can use a variety of methods to reinforce behaviour by email, text, and notes. Positive reinforcement messengers at a frequent interval may lead to higher satisfaction levels for both the manager and staff nurses. Furthermore, define specific outcomes for the model each year. When they reach a goal, celebrate, praise, and recognize

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