IOM Initiatives On The Future Of Nursing Essay

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The watershed “IOM Initiative on the Future of Nursing” report encompasses a four pronged approach or some might say, a challenge to the whole profession of nursing. the challenge to be better educated so that we can provide the highest quality of care to our patients, the push to encourage health care professionals to achieve higher levels of education. The initiative to have a stronger voice and presence in guiding the direction of how the health care landscape in this county. All of these factors come into play in the ever changing landscape of our health care system. Now more than ever nurse leaders have a great opportunity to have a profound impact on health care policies and decisions that will eventually decide which direction our current health care delivery system takes. Nurses are uniquely positioned to be present at virtually every level of our health care system, nurses work at the community centers, clinics, hospitals and nurses are also present not only as bedside clinicians but also at the level of management, in the form of nurse managers, supervisors all the way up to the Director of nurses. We have a unique vantage point of the real state of affairs of our health care system, with the push for higher education and training, nurses will start to occupy more influential …show more content…

Nurse leaders have the opportunity to lead the current and future generation of health care providers towards the new direction of our health care delivery system, one where informatics and analytics are the foundation to which the future of health care is based. Where the ability to digest and interpret data is key. Where disease prevention and health education and maintenance is

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