Hs/532 Week 1 Case Study

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1. IOM: Nurses should be leaders and partners with physicians and health care professionals. Nurses work first hand with most of the material that is wasted in the health care setting, they would be able to identify needed changes, and be able to track progress much easier and effectively than other health care providers. 2. Heller: The technological advancements have not only helped nurses to be better informed, but have also helped the clients to be better informed. Informed patients and families can help the nurses and HCPs by speaking up about symptoms they have noticed that the health care team may have been unable to witness or may have look past. Technology being available to everyone is mostly a good luxury, at the same time, many people can be misinformed and cause more trouble demanding treatments or care that are unsuitable for them because they read about it online. 3. …show more content…

Heller: Nursing education should include traditional courses, genetic research, and alternative medicine. Though nursing school is already long enough, the unconventional nursing courses could provide students with a greater ability to think outside of the textbook. I also severely agree that having a communications course would really help our program. Another connection to my time at WVU, my communications course was amazing and really taught me how to get out of my rural farm life bubble; while watching the other students in the program present to our class and the middle school last year I could tell a dissimilarity between our abilities to relay

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