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It is now week two of interning back at this endoscopy center. I don’t consider this week two but just a continuation. I experienced myself violating HIPPA. I could not believe that I was very carless with a patient’s electronic health record. I was dealing with two different patients side by side when they were laying down after they had gotten their endoscopy procedure done. They were resting a little after the medication and I had the computer on wheels moving around. This computer on wheels abbreviated, as ‘cow’ is very beneficial to the doctors since they move it with them, as they are moving around in the office. However, this computer on wheels was left on with a patients record and I was turned around to assist the next one. I was being observed when I am in this section of the center. The doctor that was observing did not tell me that I was violating HIPPA until after. He told me that I should be more careful. I could not believe myself that I did such a thing as …show more content…

I started York College in August of 2013. I started off as a biotechnology major. I took all major science classes and noticed I weren’t doing so well in them. I found myself struggling. I went to advisement and this is where I was told that the first year spent all of my classes can go towards this new health science major. I then spoke with Dr. Shawn Williams and he gave me enlighten. He told me about the different jobs and how flexible this major was. The only problem I was facing was to choose clinical or management. I figured out then a year later to choose management. I still found myself struggling taking chemistry and biology. I than chose the management section. I did my research on the different jobs and I loved it. I then found myself love taking all of the business classes. I was then amazed how all of the HPHS classes fit into real life situations. There was not one class of HPHS that did not fit into what I am doing at my

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