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HIPAA Summary In 2009, the Congress created an act called Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It is designed when people became concern about his or her personal information being stolen. With the media growing every day, it has become easier for people to hack into computer take identities and putting others at risk. The federal government made HIPAA way to reduce company’s downfalls and financial crisis due to theft. Medical facilities improved responsibility when it came to their client’s medical history. It caused hospitals to push their faculty to learn a more secure policy that made the patients feel at ease about give his or her personal background. The act provided the patients with the ability to control what is allowed or not such as who can know his or her appointment information. HIPAA lets people have access to medical history without going through unnecessary loops. Everyone dealing with patients …show more content…

The act is meant to followed by the rules, but the state can change certain thing according to the way it believes HIPAA should be done. If someone were to commit theft, he or she would have to pay thousand in fines and be sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. The hospitals and medical institutes must call, mail, email, or use the media to inform the victims that his or her information is a risk. They will have up to 30 days to contact everyone involved or an additional 30 if he or she is having trouble finding a large number of people or if the police have to become part of the solution. In conclusion, HIPAA has made going to the physicians a little easier because now people can give his or her information without being worried someone will take it. Even though some may get his or her identity stolen, he or she can relax knowing that everything will be done to who did it and received theft tracking up to two

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