Disadvantages Of Smartphones In Healthcare

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To say that technology has improves the overall quality and effectiveness of healthcare is an understatement. Technology greatly benefits many aspects of our lives on a day to day basis and its impact on the healthcare industry is no different. Things like social media and especially the use of smartphones have allowed for advancements in healthcare because of the numerous benefits they offer us, when used properly and for the right reasons that is. The advancements in technology have allowed the medical field to develop and utilize tools such as electronic health records, allowed nurses and physicians alike to expedite patient information across different platforms (such as a smartphone), and fostered a noticeable rise in survival rates over…show more content…
I have chosen the second conclusion presented where I am contacted by the Gossip Gazette, and offered $20,000 for the photographs. Within this scenario I can think of many negative disadvantages that accompany the use of smartphones and social media. I would absolutely deny the cash reward for releasing photos I have taken of a patient for the sole purpose that I would be releasing and breaking the patient's basic right to confidentiality. This is one of the major downfalls of technology in regards to healthcare, the major boundaries and violations we can create even on accident by unknowingly breaking HIPAA. By taking photos of our patient, Jerod, and then releasing them to the media we are in violation of many rights and privacies the patient is permitted under federal regulations. This is why one of the major downfalls of technology is security and protection of patient privacy. Using social media or even our phones to take pictures of our patients, such as Jerod from Blue Lizard, creates a permanent record for all to see. This permanent record is likely able to be uprooted and used against you if litigation were taken by the patient in question. Another disadvantage of social media and smartphones is the hugely negative perception it can have on patients who view us using such platforms. What I mean by this is the fact that many patients view mobile technology as a replacement for personal contact from the healthcare team that is involved in their treatment. They may view being on a phone or updating your social media account as disrespectful and unprofessional which can lead to a strained patient-provider relationship. Another obvious dilemma that we will be faced with when so heavily relying on social media and smartphones is technology failure. With such failure it is also entirely possible to
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